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Hold & Secure Drill

Hold & Secure Drill - Wednesday, November 16, 2022

NSMS will be having a Hold & Secure (Shelter in Place) Drill Wednesday, 16 November at 2:15 pm.

Reasons for a Hold & Secure could include a school or neighbourhood situation where we require students to remain inside (a nearby potential for danger, a cougar sighting, a gas leak, downed power line, chemical spill, etc.).  It is for any reason that we must bring students inside, and, if appropriate, lock all exterior doors.  Classes carry on as usual in a Hold & Secure (as opposed to a Lockdown).  We will be locking exterior doors as part of our drill.  For our purposes, we will ask students to remain in their classes (or go back to their classes if in the hallway, washroom, on a bike, etc.) and remain there until the drill is concluded (about 10 minutes).  This is a once a year scheduled drill practice.